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Our team is compromised of successful entrepreneurs, partnening with dynamic outstanding management teams who are looking for both an equity capital and a trusted business partner who understands and believes in the power of big dreams, bold visions and fresh ideas to develop ground - breaking products or services and build substantial business enterprises or that even have the power to change an industry.

We pride ourselves in seeking and helping those passionate entrepreneurs who are not afraid to dream up big industry-changing ideas, yet to understand all the small steps and day to day execution that is required to implement a strategic concept and increase its competitiveness.

We bring our own funds, affiliated co-investors and our combined know-how to help our partner companies, investing in all stages of a company┬┤s growth to market leaders across a wide range of sectors.

We know best entrepreneurs have the vision, passion, and ability to deliver something faster, better or cheaper, and they possess huge ambition for their company but we also understand the unique challenges they need to face and know that it takes teamwork and exceptional execution capability for a company to succeed. That is why we partner with entrepreneurs who have the willingness to accept help when required and commit their most valuable asset- their time and focus- to achieve their vision.

We think it is necessary to love what one does, leave things better than they were found and take time to enjoy work and the world while living on it.